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Analog and Digital Learning

RISD and LEGO Collaboration Researching Studio, 2015




Cas Holman




Digital / Analog / Education / Modular / Coding /


Lesson Plan

Sequence Activity

Sundial Activity




Wouldn't it be great if we could build and develop a story with the help of digital tools? Our imagination relies on our current knowledge and personal experiences. With the help from the digital, our imagination has the tools to grow. E:duco is the result of a semester long research course at RISD where we tried to combine the digital and analog realms with LEGO Education. “In 1970 the top three skills required by the Fortune 500 were the three Rs: reading, writing, and arithmetic. In 1999 the top three skills in demand were teamwork, problem-solving, and interpersonal skills." With e:duco, we are one step closer to achieving a more holistic approach to inspire children to learn while having fun, practice teamwork, and to problem-solve.

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