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I am a Technical Artist with 6+ years of experience pioneering the generation of synthetic data to train computer vision algorithms. I have worked on a diverse set of applications ranging from the defense industry, retail, agriculture, and urban planning. I also have experience building 3D simulations of people, places, and objects at different scales. I received my BArch and BFA in June 2017 from Rhode Island School of Design where I was inspired to seek a more comprehensive and balanced design practice that could help address universal complex challenges at various scales. Over the years, I have grown a passion for visualization and discovered the effectiveness of visuals when trying to communicate with a large audience.


I believes design is capable of nourishing people, enhancing their emotional and mental state. It is connected to a specific place and time, unique in its own presence. It is in these moments I focus on and their relationships created from our love and care for place.






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