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Urban Design Principles, 2014




Jim Barnes




Sustainability / Residential / Urban Farming / Integration / Balance /


North End Analysis Book


616 SF


In this project I aimed to create a complex with a unique and healthy balance of both housing and urban farming. My main objective was to create successful residential units and manifest a solution to a uprising problem we have today. By marrying housing with urban farming, I strengthen my belief that humans can coexist with nature. Urban farming, in my opinion, is a great way to learn about the locals and the city as well as inspire the younger generations to seek alternative solutions to our mass consumption and high demand of energetic and food systems.

The project deals with three major loops: In vs out, ecological, and energetic loops. The objective was to make this site a place for awareness and inspired action to once again enclose these loops. I extended the borders of all the "Green Spaces" located near the North End to create the form of the building(s). At the intersections of all these loops, main entrances were placed and new ways of circulation were exposed. 

What I propose is to create a living space not aligned with what the contemporary life may look like. Instead, by inspiring people to realize that we can in fact coexist with Nature in an urban setting as well as becoming less dependent on fossil fuels, we can reunite the loops in the city.


The public realm is the heart of the project. Without this, all the work towards a better tomorrow would not work in this particular site. I was fortunate enough to have both, the freedom trail and the ocean walk, pass through my site. I was inspired to make both pathways an important feature when passing through, changing its path into a more enriching experience about the locals, our goal to recreate an ecological loop, and with the North End's history.

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