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Our goal is to create new connections for the community, especially from Trinity Square into the Southside Cultural Center's main entrance as well as a connection from Bridgham Street to Central Street. This would allow visibility for the Cultural Center and new spaces for program within the parking lot. We took into consideration the Cultural Center's future plans for construction and the number of parking spaces needed for this organization. Our three spaces of program are structured in a way that allow for flexibility depending on the use of the space. The outdoor theatre space can hold live performances, and, become a relaxing green space to sit and for children to play. By night, the outdoor theatre becomes a place to enjoy a film. The courtyard is a plaza space intended to be used for small or large gatherings of people to sit in a calm and shaded area. It also serves a pathway from the parking lot into the Cultural Center's entrance, creating a pedestrian-friendly zone between them. Lastly, the community garden is meant to bring in nearby neighbors and anyone in the community who wishes to participate.



Light Urbanism, 2015

Light Urbanism, 2016




Aaron Forrest

Elettra Bordonaro




Trinity Square / Street Paint / Elmwood / Landscape / Grace Church Cemetery / Public Space /Outdoor Theatre / Courtyard / Community Garden / Southside Cultural Center 

Fall Documentation

SouthLight Book



Sarp Arditi

Yin Fu

William Gant

Chloe Renee Jensen

Alexander Kim

Peter Kim

Jing Li

Nandi Lu

Genevieve Marsh

Natasha Ruiz

Robert Sugar

Tianyu Xu

Senbo Yang

Saba Yazdjerdi

Jingyan Zhang


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