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Architectural Projection, 2012




Christopher Bardt




Apparatus / Drawing / Technical / Measurement /


From life to drawing and back to life, we began to move visual information described as that space between the page and the object, in a measurable way. In this project, I attempted to create a fluid dialog with both the digital and the manual realms through a meaningful and accurate system. 

In the system I created, I used light as a form of measurement. The apparatus consisted of a board with cutout 1/2 in. diameter circles that were placed 1/4 in. from one another. I would project onto the board from a fixed point and the cutouts would cast a shape on the surface of the objects. These shapes were then recorded and measured. I came up with a formula that would allow for me to find out the distance between the object and the board as well as the diameter of the circle on the object:


Distance x .0125 = Area + .5 = Diameter

Diameter - .5 = Area/.0125 = Distance

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